Classroom Management

“Teachers are seasonal workers, whose tongues get tired and wear out
long before the other parts of their bodies.”
Michael Grinder

Who is it for?

These seminars and books are for educators who want to teach more effectively using fewer words in a brain friendly and motivating way. This includes teachers and facilitators of all subjects and age groups, those responsible for school curriculum or company training programs and personnel development.

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Good communication

We talk and talk and talk … and very often we are frustrated by the feeling that our students simply aren’t listening or aren’t taking our verbal instructions seriously.

It has been proven that over 82% of a teacher’s communication with students in the classroom is NONVERBAL. Why should we waste our breath on the classroom process rather than use it for teaching important content? Especially when nonverbal management techniques are so much more effective.

And the remaining 18%?

Our focus here will be on working with VERBAL messages in the classroom, in parent meetings, in the teachers’ lounge, and just about anywhere communication happens. Create clarity by choosing appropriate words and questioning techniques, which avoid misunderstandings and create transparency in our communication.

Our books and seminars present, in addition to a bit of theory, a huge number of practical tips and tools that can be implemented immediately in the classroom and allow teachers to do what they became teachers to do – to teach!

certified NLPaed and Suggestopedia Trainers 

Derrick and Pearl Nitsche

Pearl Nitsche

Communication Trainer
Teacher & Trainer 
Foreign Language Teacher
International Conference Speaker
Mother Tongue English & fluent German

Derrick Nitsche

Communication Trainer
Systemic Coach & Learning Coach
Teacher & Trainer
Foreign Language Teacher
Mother Tongues English & German

Our Motto

We enjoy our work, are conscientious, professional, and creative. We want to make a difference and we love our jobs.

“Do what you love and love what you do. And you will never work another day in your life!"

- Mark Twain

Our books

We realize, it’s not possible for everyone to attend a seminar in person. Therefore, we have published these best-selling books for educators.

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Nonverbal Classroom Management

Talk less. Teach more


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The Self-Disciplining Classroom

Win-Win Strategies


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A nonverbal recipe book for
talked-out teachers!

1684 Tips & Techniques


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Nonverbal Intelligence In The Classroom

Reach them to teach them


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Kreatives Unterrichten ohne Aufwand

Available in German


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