Learning Coaching
Derrick Nitsche

You already have all the resources you need!
Together we will discover your strengths and build on them!!

Learning coaching for Students and Adults

I will accompany you every step of the way and help you find individual solutions to your learning challenges. Together we will discover and practice the learning strategies, which will lead to your success.

What will we do?

⦁ Together we will analyze your learning style and optimize it to suit your unique needs.
⦁ We will discover new ways to make learning successful and enjoyable for you.
⦁ Once you know how to succeed, learning suddenly becomes fun and enjoyable.
⦁ You will learn many ways to prepare your brain for success!
⦁ Say goodbye to learning blockades. You will be able to concentrate better and taking tests will be much easier.
⦁ You are self-confident – especially because you know now that you can be successful!
⦁ All the resources you need are at your fingertips! Together we will discover your strengths and build on them!

Derrick Nitsche

Communication Trainer
Systemic Coach & Learning Coach
Teacher & Trainer
Foreign Language Teacher
Mother Tongues English & German