In our trainings, we use a variety of (w)holistic, “brain-friendly” learning methods. – Most notably, a teaching approach called Suggestopedia. This method, developed by a Bulgarian scientist, Dr. Georgi Lozanov, combines (w)holistic, brain-friendly and creative approaches, such as music, drama and art with conventional learning techniques.

Right and Left Hemispheres – the recipe for success

The results?

Faster, more efficient and more interesting learning. Creativity, social behavior and physical well-being increase. Holistic learning in a fear-free environment leads to high motivation (in the learner as well as in the teacher!). And it is this motivation that is the key to fast and joyful learning success.

The basics of Suggestopedia — the presentation of new material with relaxation techniques, accompanied by music and the subsequent activation of this passively learned material with creative, playful learning techniques leads to success. In this course, the material is presented using suggestopedia techniques, practiced by the participants, and then put into practice.

Teachers who use Suggestopedia / Superlearning have motivated students in their classes. Students who have rediscovered the joy of learning.

Who should take this training course?

It is for anyone who wants to teach in a brain-friendly and motivating way. This includes teachers and trainers of all subjects and age groups, those responsible for school curricula or corporate training programs and staff development.

We offer these courses in English or German at our institute or at a location of your choice. The training program can also be completed online.